Sunday, March 14, 2010


Wadizit? The answer and another photo will be posted next Sunday.

Wadizit? March 7/10 was a paintbrush.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sponsor me on my Great Strides Walk Page. I'm taking steps to find a cure for CF

Sponsor me on my Great Strides Walk Page. I'm taking steps to find a cure for CF #GreatStridesCDN

This old man, he played 1092...he played knick knack just for you.

This is Lofa's comfort song. The nights we spent trying to find the perfect lullaby...the first time Lofa heard this song, he was hooked! It works every time. Ace and I, as much as we love the tune...feel the need to change it up every now and then. We try to find new versions of an old favourite. This Old Man is not going anywhere fast, so we might as well start to love him too.

This is one of my favourite versions of this song. Bob Dylan makes me realize why Lofa loves this tune so much!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wierd and wonderful Wednesday's

Lofa has been in cloth diapers since he was 2 weeks old. I don't think I could even try to count how many sh*tty diapers we have changed, washed, and folded. This is all done in the name of healing our Mother poop at a time! All this service, I wondered when will there be a reward for all my good deeds?

It never fails, Karma always has a way of answering my questions. Sometimes the answers are very clear, sometimes I need to think about it, before I really catch on to what is really being said. This story is a case of Karma having a really good sense of humour:

Here we go again. This is what I think everytime Lofa poops (sorry this post really is what you think it is, a post about poop...if you don't like poop...I hope for your sake you do not have kids. If you like poop, or pretend you do in order to get through the day...keep reading.) You see, my son HATES diaper changes, especially poopy ones...if he pees, we go somewhere, he lies down (sometimes he even places the diaper down and sits on it?!) he is a little squirmy, but OMG don't even dare try to change that poopy diaper...another issue is that the worst poos always happen when I have either a) run out of liners b) forgot to use a liner. Yuck. So on this particular day, we went through the whole diaper ritual, which is as follows;
Lofa being carried up the stairs, very unhappy. Place him on the change table. He tries to escape then, pretends to cooperate. then attemps to escape, again. Finally the new diaper was on!

As I was dumping the diaper in the toilet, I noticed reward! A glittery, perfect GOLD STAR!

I had to laugh. This message was pretty clear:

Stop doing it for the rewards! They are not what is important...but here's a gold star, keep up the good work!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Can you guess what this is?

The Answer and another picture will be posted next Sunday.

In all our .... command.

I get it. They want to change the anthem for us gals, so we can feel better about ourselves?!? Yay for our government. They finally realized that we are here and contributing. Finally, we get to be included in our anthem! Thanks Canada. 'In all our hearts command.' has a really nice ring to it.

Here is what I don't get...why now? That's really what they came up with, while they were on vacation...ahem I mean prorouged. It's a very nice gesture. As a woman, I want to be included and recognized. Especially in something as special as our national anthem. I'm a little confused at the timing, aren't there bigger things going on?

This is just another way that the government is trying to distract us. I'm a parent, I get it. They are giving us something to make a big deal about. So that they can go on and do what they need to do. By the time we are done trying to figure out what to do about our anthem, it won't matter anymore. All the bills will have passed. We won't even notice. we will be too busy trying to figure out how to sing our anthem.

My husband said it all when he said, "Do you really think that all those athletes that stood proudly on the podium, in their home and native land, really thought...this is nice and all, but I really wish they'd make a few changes before the next games.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My vagina is angry!

Well, not mine exactly...mine is only angry sometimes. When it has to be. Only when it matters.

How did I get myself here? I am not sure. But I'm here now, and I am having such a great time! A friend and I have joined the cast of, The Vagina Monolouges. At first I was pretty quiet about it, but the more I go, and read those stories, I feel everyone needs to see it! I love my part. She has a special way with words that I can appreciate.

Lately I have wondered, what I would say if's definately something to think about.

If I had to write it now, it would have to be about motherhood...I think that would be my topic. More specifically, my journey into motherhood. The last 23.5 hrs to be exact.

My vagina is a little confused. It's not really sure what it did wrong. It was ready, was it ever. It wanted that baby out! It wanted to have that baby so badly, by itself, near home, no drugs!

We had to go via ambulance to a nearby city. They needed to give me drugs, it was taking too long. What?! No I can do it. I was almost ready, my vagina would have been ready. The doctors were impatient, they tried to rush my vagina. They poked and prodded, induced, reduced, poked some more, walked, restrained, poked, and stretched. They gave up! I had to give in. My vagina has been a little sad ever since. It never got the chance to show how wonderful and powerful it could be, it tried, it really really tried, it tried for 23hours! But in the end, surgery won.

My vagina hopes to get another chance, to be able to prove that it really can do it, if we give it a chance. We just need to really listen to it. Let it show us.

That would be mine.

At first, I was doing this to help other women. I wanted to help give a voice to women that could not speak for themselves. To give back to my community. Now it starting to turn into something that I am also doing for myself!

I found a video of a woman doing a version of the monolouge I will be reciting. (if you are at work or with kids, you may want to turn the volume down!) She does such a wonderful job. I couldn't agree more about the 'cold duck lips.'


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baking with Lofa

Get me a bucket!

...Finally, we are all puke in over a week, eyes are bright and clear even coughs and sniffles have subsided. Phew! I don't think I can take anymore...not after my extra special valentine from Lofa, puke all over me...

That was Sunday's thought as we were driving home from a weekend home. What a great weekend, there was fun and food, family and laughs. We were even lucky enough to have two Grannies to babysit! Ace and I even got a chance to unwind.
Then Monday morning the phone rang. Mom calling to say she is sick...really sick, with a bug that sounds strangely familiar...oh sh*t I think, Lofa and I just had that. Ace dodged it then. Could 'guts of steel' pull it off again? I got my answer when he got home. A very clear 'NO!'

Graciously, I gave up the bed to Ace so he could have some 'alone' time. This confused Lou, who won't go upstairs until everyone else has. Every once in a while he would come up and nudge me to see if we were going up to bed. He must have given up, because, I woke to his nose on my side and his paws around me in a hug. This is a cute image, until you learn that he is a 120lb black lab. We are the same size! (give or take a pound or two *wink*).

I seem to learn more about my family when we are sick. Somehow we all know what to do, and act accordingly. Lofa seems to sense that there is something wrong with Dada. He even seems to play quieter, and go to bed without incident. I realize that I have to pull up and do the things that Ace would normally do, (conveniently this was the night the garbage and recycling had to be sorted and brought to the curb.) but I did it all without a second thought. Even the dog seemed to respect the fact that one of our own was ill. Once he finally got to go upstairs, he slept on the floor right by Ace's side. It's amazing how we don't practice this behaviour, there are no virus drills, it's just the way it goes family has a powerful connection to our instincts. When one of us is down, we join together to help them through it!

Mama, Wadizit?

My son is a real character. At 17 months he has me cracking up at every turn! He is very good at non-verbal communication, a sort of sign language that only him and I seem to understand. And now, that he is just starting to figure out this crazy language of ours. He gets a real kick out of talking, and really loves it when we understand him!

When Lofa learned to ask, "wadizit?" he would run all around pointing things out and shouting, "wadizit, wadizit?" "fireplace" "bop." I started to get used to it, and found myself calling out names of household items all day. Then he moved onto his body, "wadizit?" "belly button" "bowybuon" "yes, belly button." I was getting so used to this it was becoming second nature. Then one day after his bath, While he was lying on his back, getting ready for bed, he reached down and grabbed his 'bird' and proudly shouted, "Wadizit!?!" "that's your penis." To which he responded to with a huge ear to ear grin and laughing! Then proceded to shout out again, "wadizit?" "Penis." "HAHAHAHA." that time the laughter was from both of us.

As a mother of a son, I am now starting to realize that there are so many things about men that they just can't help, they are born with it! I am also starting to realize that there may eventually be a day when he will be asking more about his body and the way it works. What I learned that day, was that whatever it may be, sometimes it is best to throw in a little bit of humour, just to break the ice. I can just hear myself now, "I know this seems awkward. I'm feeling a bit awkward too. Let me tell you a story; "When you were just a baby I was changing your diaper..."