Wednesday, April 28, 2010

REduce REuse and REcycle

This past weekend, Lady E and I had a table at the Mom to Mom Sale. It was so great to mix and mingle with other mothers, buying and selling, sharing stories as we passed on our children's used belongings. A few conversations could be heard from the vantage point of a vendor mom's giving advice to friends that were expecting 'don't get that toy, you WILL regret it! There is no OFF switch.' or grandmothers carting around sleeping children so their daughters could shop. It was a fun time. I was able to scoop up some great deals for Lofa and sell some large items we would never use again.

A sale like this is such a great way to put those 3R's into practice.

Another great way is to sell and shop consignment. No time to do all the work of selling it yourself? No problem, get someone else to do it! Basically this is what consignment stores do, sell your stuff, take a cut and give you the rest. The items must be cleaned and in good condition, brand name items always sell for more. My favourite thing about consignment is getting there are finding out that something has sold! Of course that money get recycled right back into the store!
The shop I frequent sells both used and new items, most of the new items are from companies started by MOMS!

There are so many benefits to buying children's items second hand! Here are just a few:

* It's CHEAP! It's really hard to think of any other reason!
* No Packaging. Someone else has had to go through the process of opening the CRAZY packaging that is used on children's toys. Environmental points for this one as well. No packaging makes everyone happy.
* Brand names. There are a few children's consignment stores that stock high quality brand name clothing for a fraction of the price. These also have a high resale value, for when you are done with them.

Think twice before buying that big expensive toy at the big box store...there may be a little box around the corner that has it for half the price (and packaging)!

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